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Layering for Spring

Remember the old saying layer up!? You can always take it off if you get to hot, but not so if you are cold.  Spring is here but if the weather isn’t cooperating then layers it is. Find out why you need 3 layers and how to do it right!
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Every Girl deserves Cashmere

You’ve probably seen Cashmere in high-end fashion boutiques or lavish gift shops, at the fingertips of captivated shoppers. But what is Cashmere? A question we will dive into here this weeks blog!
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Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress Every Girl Needs, Every girl out there needs a black dress, really.  You can do so much with a simple black dress. Follow along as I explain to you why, you NEED one AMAZING LBD (Little Black Dress).
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What is a Size?

Many women define who they are by the size of clothes they wear.  Really, wouldn’t you rather be comfortable.  Sometimes you miss out on a great deal because you don’t wear a size 12.  Well maybe the garment is sized wrong or maybe where it is made the sizing is smaller than what we are use to in North America.
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The Difference Quality Makes

I realized that I felt the most beautiful when I walked into a room with a new outfit and all eyes turned to look at ME! You know what I’m talking about.  You’ve felt it, right. That AH-HA moment I know every women has felt when that new piece of clothing makes you feel like you're glowing! Now if you want this feeling to stay, let me tell you why its worth it to own a pair of $400 jeans.
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Why Brands2you

The hardest thing to do is have an idea and then try to name it.  For hours and hours and talking to hundreds of people, we tried to get a name that lets the buyer know what we are selling. This is the story of how Brands2You was born!  
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